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Dont Forget Your Divine Connection.

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As we are half way through the busy summer months I just wanted to remind us all to keep our

priorities in order.  I love reconnecting with family and friends that maybe I haven’t seen in a

coons age (I’m really not sure how long that is but it must be a long time.)  Or having memory

building family times like camping outings or road trips to Disneyland.  But in all our travels and b

busyness lets not forget about the greatest relationship that needs to be nurtured and invested in,

our relationship with God.  Our relationship with God is like anyother relationship in that it can be

either more or less intimate determined by houw much investment is made in it.  In our vacation

time let’s not forget about the one who love us most.  Let’s continue to spend time in His Word that

feeds our very spirit and causes that transformation process change us into His image to be a

continual process.  Let’s spend time in Worship that causes our spirits to be lifted by the Holy

Spirit into the very presence of God.  Let’s pray this summer with a new hunger and thirst for God

and all He wants to accomplish in the earth.  Becoming a Jesus Junkie who can’t get enought is

what I pray over everyone as well as myself.  Keeping our Divine Connection current and alive

is so important and it is the place where real joy springs to life in a grateful heart that is in love

with the Creator.  Keep memory making this summer and do not neglect loads of outside fun and


Pastor Brian

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