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Are you ready to step into Eternity?

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I am at my desk about 1 hour before a Memorial Service of a good friend, David Harris. Reflecting on David and a life well lived it was a real honor to get to experience part of my journey in life with him.    Every human being will eventually step into eternity.  A place without time, a place of ultimate truth.  There is no hiding in that place because the scripture says everything is naked and known before Him.  People have such a twisted concept on eternity due to the lack of true revelation in the modern Church
world.  The idea that when you die God then determines whether you go to heaven or hell is so ridiculous.  It demonstrates great error in our thinking.  Jesus told the Sadducees who were in error one time. “The reason you error is because you don’t know the scripture nor the power of God.” That is exactly why people error today.  The truth is God doesn’t send people to heaven or hell they just enter a continued, progressive journey of the kingdom they live in.  The journey for those who die in the Kingdom of God is heaven.  The journey of those who die in the kingdom of darkness is hell.  There are only two Spiritual Kingdoms represented on the earth. Ask yourself this question, “What Kingdom am I currently living in?” Because the truth of the Word of God is whatever Kingdom you die in is the Kingdom you stay in.  Jesus said in Matthew 25: 41 that everlasting fire (hell) was not prepared for man but for the Kingdom of darkness, The devil and his angels.  Yet how does man end up there?  Well it is not of anything that person has done but what they have not done.  God made a way out of the Kingdom of Darkness through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  The question to ask is have you taken the way out.  Through stubbornness, pride, deception and hardness of heart men refuse to believe they may need help.  As a person who has personally lived in both kingdoms, I can truthfully testify that the Kingdom of God is much better than the Kingdom of darkness.  If there was no deception in the earth there is not a person alive who would not, receive, love and serve the Great King of Kings, Jesus.  If Jesus stood at my right hand and I said, “This is Jesus, He is the creator of all you see, He is the redeemer of all that was lost and the lover of your very soul.  When darkness and death were your only option Jesus came and paid the complete debt owed so you could go free.  At my left had is Satan, the devil.  He is the father of all rebellion and lies.  He is a master deceiver and destroyer of humanity and all that is good.  Which do you choose?  I promise you everyone would choose Jesus.  As I think about David Harris right now and all he is experiencing on his continued journey into the incredible Kingdom he chose to live in.  Parts
of me are very jealous for him but other parts of me know that I must finish all that God has planned for my journey.  Not so I can go to heaven, but hopefully through my life others can.  David lived his kingdom before his friends and family and now has stepped into a greater reality of it. So David I do not tell you good bye but a simple, I will see you later.

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